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The research methods page

Welcome to the research methods page. I hope that this will help you in your DIH and FAFOM revision. Click on the discussion tab above to edit a wiki: make sure you preview the changes before saving.

There is nothing like full access to online journals while you are studying: why not enrol in the DIH? DIH

If you do not have free access to journals through work you need to enrol in as many free access journals as you can: try occupational and environmental medicine Click on the "archive" tab to register. There is plenty there to keep you going!

You could also click on this link to register for OEM and evaluate a study all in one go! This is a really good study for testing your critical analysis skills.Health of children working in small urban industrial shops

If you need a guide to critical appraisal I highly recommend Table 1 in Mark Elwoods article- can be accessed in the links section below.

useful links

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