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(INDX702 pages)
(The DIH Block weekend)
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== The DIH Block weekend ==
== The DIH Block weekend ==
Details HERE....[[[clinical/block weekend]]]
Details HERE....[[Clinical/block weekend]]
== INDX702 pages ==
== INDX702 pages ==

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The DIH Block weekend

Details HERE....Clinical/block weekend

INDX702 pages

Links to:

Module 1, introduction clinical/module1

Module 2, Respiratory clinical/module2

Module 3, Occupational Cancer clinical/module3

Module 4, Musculoskeletal clinical/module4

Learning (or revising) your clinical medicine

It's a bit scary if you look at the new interim training guidelines, however if you pick it off a week at a time it won't be such a big problem. BMJ learning would be my pick: you can input a learning plan and it keeps you on-track! See useful links below.

Education sessions of the week

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Clinical Education CDC podcast

Cleaning up P labs Minnesota state guidelines

The discussion page is located on the on top menu bar

Useful links