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The DIH Wiki

The DIH wiki, an online resource and forum for DIH candidates

Welcome to the DIH Wiki, an online resource for DIH candidates which will be active throughout the year, but most active for current and forthcoming DIH papers.

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If you have difficulty, try changing your browser or email me at:

The best way to do your academic study is of course to ENROL for the DIH! The DIH

The Intended Learning Outcomes of DIH papers are aligned to the Faculty Competencies; Tutorial and on-line support throughout the year; clinical and workplace teaching on block weekends; full access to electronic journals, textbooks and other resources (BMJ learning for example) through the University of Otago Library. Good stuff!

There are two parts to each page, the "article" and "discussion" pages. Some of the article pages are locked, but all discussion pages are there for you to edit, like Wikipedia. The "group" pages can be freely edited.

Editing help can be found under “help” on the sidebar. You can create your own article pages for special topics and group discussion (like revision).

Enough from me, give it a go!

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